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  • He went back home, but to his dismay, all that he once knew had changed.
  • To their dismay they discovered that they only had enough room for a fifth-mile track.
  • Henry is dismayed and makes every effort to keep everything just the way it was.
  • She was dismayed when she saw children living with their parents behind the bars.
  • These changes are sometimes to the dismay of fans of the original work.
  • Much to their dismay, she did not contact them right away.
  • The camp followers joined in now that they could see enemy's dismay.
  • He quickly sold many of his earlier, lower-quality works and watched in dismay as they were published.
  • To their dismay the travel was bad and the place they arrived to even worse.
  • He was dismayed, so he decided to look for another school.
  • His friends were dismayed, and tried to tell him not to accept the case.
  • Dismayed that he did not talk to the director, she brings him over.
  • He felt extremely frustrated and told his father in dismay he wanted to stop playing football.
  • To his dismay, the only rebel found is an old man who had been left behind.
  • The other black students were dismayed to discover what he had done.
  • Critics did not speak kindly of her work in these parts, to her dismay.
  • After a difficult night, the crew were dismayed to find themselves at the mouth of the sound once more.
  • In any case, his parents were deeply dismayed by the events and their failed plans for his future.
  • A big library has this in it of good, that it dismays those who look at it. Cited from Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary, by Voltaire
  • He had expected such a reception, and just now it neither dismayed nor concerned him. Cited from A Dog with a Bad Name, by Talbot Baines Reed
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Meaning of dismay

  • verb Fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly surprised
    I was horrified at the thought of being late for my interview, The news of the executions horrified us