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  • The control tower on top of the administrative building has since been dismantled.
  • Those dismantling the castle seem to have occupied part of the structure during their work.
  • By the end of the year, official operations to dismantle the wall began.
  • Her academic performance was not great, but that did not dismantle her love for education.
  • The manufacturing industry installed in the post-war period has been mostly dismantled.
  • Some of crowd will find it, though I told them if they did to dismantle it. Cited from Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane, by Roy Rockwood
  • Her dismantling began shortly afterwards and was completed the following year.
  • This is the first time that a nuclear power station has been dismantled in France.
  • Further on the river passes under the route of a dismantled railway.
  • However, over time they have been dismantled and used as a cheap building material.
  • The old bridge was dismantled over the next few months.
  • A few ceased to exist because they went out of business and were abandoned and dismantled.
  • Who wants a job where you have to completely dismantle the structure?
  • The building of the circuit takes six weeks, and the dismantling after the race another three weeks.
  • Once there was a town hall, which was dismantled in the mid-19th century.
  • When the testing program was dismantled, the government sold the island to the public.
  • These campsites would be dismantled when the cold season gave way to spring.
  • He died soon afterwards, and so did not see the dismantling of his life's work after the war.
  • All of these lines are now long dismantled and it is hard to find any trace of where they ran.
  • It then dismantles these problems one by one while offering practical advice using specific examples.
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