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  • O, death's a great disguiser: and you may add to it. Cited from Measure for Measure, by William Shakespeare
  • He took hold of his marvellous beard, a triumph of the disguiser's art, and we stepped forward. Cited from Red Axe, by Samuel Rutherford Crockett
  • A mask, a perpetual natural disguiser of herself, Concealing her face, concealing her form, Changes and transformations every hour, every moment, Falling upon her even when she sleeps. Cited from Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman
  • Browning's poems of the love of man and woman are seldom a simple lyrical cry, but they are not on this account the less true in their presentment of that curious masquer and disguiser -- Love. Cited from Robert Browning, by Edward Dowden
  • Oh, death's a great disguiser, and you may adde to it; Shaue the head, and tie the beard, and say it was the desire of the penitent to be so bar'de before his death: you know the course is common. Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio
  • I consoled M. Forain by pointing out that surely as chief Camoufler (disguiser) of the French Army, he could disguise himself as a model of virtue (de se camoufler en bon garcon). Cited from The White Road to Verdun, by Kathleen Burke