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  • What could have been his reason for this temporary disguisement I have never been able to discover. Cited from Byeways in Palestine, by James Finn
  • No longer was there any disguisement between them. Cited from Vain Fortune, by George Moore
  • No, I'll promise you, I sha'n't put on no such disguisement. Cited from Evelina, by Fanny Burney
  • They were two lambs made up to represent wolves, but the merest child must have seen through the disguisement. Cited from The Penalty, by Gouverneur Morris
  • In the case of Numa this is related as a fact, but it is only a disguisement of the right derived from the ritual books. Cited from The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1, by Various
  • When he came to the disguisement and the interview with the girl in the bazar, Mahbub Ali's gravity went from him. Cited from Kim, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Neither Poetry, nor Ambition, nor Love have any alertness of countenance as they pass by me: they seem rather like three figures on a greek vase -- a Man and two women -- whom no one but myself could distinguish in their disguisement.
  • "It was when it was all but saved, and I hangs about that country, making up my plans, that he comes to me himself, as I sits on the outskirts of a wood beyond the village, in no manner of disguisement, but just as I sits here." Cited from Brothers of Pity and Other Tales of Beasts and Men, by Ewing
  • LXIX To look like Leo, o'er his breast is spread The surcoat that the prince is wont to wear; And the gold eagle with its double head He blazoned on the crimson shield doth bear; And (what the Child's disguisement well may stead) Of equal size and stature are the pair. Cited from Orlando Furioso, by Ludovico Ariosto
  • Acting beneath the auspices of Sergeants David Gilmore, John Tuttle, George Grant and the disguisement of copious amounts of spirits, about 300 soldiers from the New Jersey Line of the Continental Army mutinied.