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  • One day, she had disguised herself in order to save her father.
  • Women were not allowed to do this, so she disguised herself as a man.
  • Base buildings were disguised so they would appear from above as a New England fishing village.
  • In June of the following year she escaped from prison disguised as a boy.
  • Some soldiers come, but The Man comes too, disguised as one of the soldiers.
  • His death was disguised as a hit-and-run car accident.
  • Game stalls are set up at the fair to carry out disguised market research.
  • The Count comes to the house again, disguised this time as a teacher.
  • It is the opposite of a play action pass, which is a passing play disguised as a running play.
  • Victory points may be partially disguised in the role of game resources, with play money being a common example.
  • He disguised himself as a turtle in order for her to like him.
  • The draw is a running play disguised as a passing play.
  • However, they are usually disguised so as to make the process of finding the solutions difficult.
  • This was carried out as part of a larger operation that involved soldiers disguised as Americans and other activities.
  • In a related story they were told that in the past women used to be disguised as spirits to control men.
  • Caltech has appeared in many works of popular culture, both as itself and in disguised form.
  • He and his two friends infiltrate the college disguised as female students.
  • Many children are promised that they are going to attend school, which are actually military training facilities disguised as school.
  • While a small handful of women may have fought in the conflict, almost all did so disguised as men.
  • Before long, many women heard about Agnodice being disguised as a male and sought for her care.
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Root form of disguised is disguise for the verb.

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Meaning of disguised

  • verb Make unrecognizable
    The herb masks the garlic taste, We disguised our faces before robbing the bank