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  • All diseased parts should be cut out and removed as soon as observed. Cited from Apple Growing, by M. C. Burritt
  • If only one eye is diseased the other eye may be covered. Cited from Mother's Remedies, by T. J. Ritter
  • His parents died at a young age and he was diseased and in a poor state.
  • When confirmed, diseased plants must be removed from areas where others are growing.
  • For example, one set might be under normal conditions, while another might be under diseased conditions.
  • Older trees become diseased and die more quickly than younger trees.
  • Even if they occur two or three times a week they do not indicate any diseased condition. Cited from Herself, by E. B. Lowry
  • Diseased, dead, or injured wood should be removed when first observed, summer or winter. Cited from Apple Growing, by M. C. Burritt
  • Several of the trees have become diseased and have died in recent years, with some having to be cut down.
  • The will being a spiritual power can no more be diseased than can the intellect. Cited from Moral Principles and Medical Practice, by Charles Coppens
  • On his first day at work, he gets into the records room and finds out the truth about the diseased animal.
  • They admitted to having killed children, crippled or diseased people, including their own families.
  • Among these classes you will naturally find a much larger percentage of diseased wives. Cited from Woman, by William J. Robinson
  • Man had crossed into the black land and returned diseased.
  • Resistant grass will crowd out diseased grass over a period of one or more years.
  • If you get diseased, report at once to your commanding officer.
  • These extreme actions were done to prevent children of diseased parents from being born lest they also contract the disease.
  • Within small families, diseased infants may be more likely to be replaced.
  • A five- to seven-day symptom-free plant takes place before the first appearance of a diseased plant is visible.
  • The medical clinic was built to provide treatment to the diseased women and children.
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