disease afflicting

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  • The Screamies is a new disease afflicting people at random around the world.
  • Authorities were concerned about foot-and-mouth disease afflicting the local livestock following the flooding, as well as epidemics of malaria.
  • This trematode causes schistosomiasis in humans, which is the second most common parasitic disease afflicting humans.
  • For example, there were a series of jokes made about the disease afflicting them all, interdisciplinitis., or how multidisciplinarian researchers were neither fish nor fowl.
  • High plains disease is a viral disease afflicting wheat and maize.
  • Victor checked him: it was to ask whether this Jarniman had specified one, any one of the numerous diseases afflicting his aged mistress. Cited from One of Our Conquerors by G. Meredith, v2
  • The most common disease afflicting the okra plant is verticillium wilt, often causing a yellowing and wilting of the leaves.
  • The plant displays hybrid vigor, growing and fruiting well and being resistant to a number of common diseases afflicting other Ribes.
  • His laboratory's research focuses on diseases afflicting citizens of resource poor countries, including AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and influenza.
  • The question of climatic treatment and cure for certain ills is receiving yearly increased attention, and this will continue until a specific climate is found for many of the most destructive diseases afflicting the race. Cited from Minnesota; Its Character and Climate, by Ledyard Bill
  • After Sugiyama effected a cure for a neurotic disease afflicting shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi his work received official state endorsement, which greatly increased the popularity of his schools.
  • They have found it absolutely useless and superfluous to hunt for drugs and serums to kill the typhoid and tuberculosis bacilli in these, the two most destructive diseases afflicting the human family. Cited from Nature Cure, by Henry Lindlahr
  • In Lost Secret of the Rainforest, the second installment in the series, Adam, now slightly older and able to speak with animals as a matter of course, explores the tropical rainforest in search of a cure of a disease afflicting the local natives, and a way to save the rainforest from destruction.
  • He spent time in Barbados from 1847, in an attempt to treat the pulmonary disease afflicting him, but, on his return to England in 1848, he caught a cold and died at his father's house in Brompton, Kent at the age of 34.
  • The final script, by Anthony Hinds makes no reference to Dracula, and expands further on the directions taken in Brides by portraying vampirism as a social disease afflicting those who choose a decadent lifestyle.
  • Torres' past mistreatment at the hands of the Vidiians causes her to be reluctant to help Dr. Pel -- Klingon DNA has been shown to be resistant to the Phage, the disease afflicting the Vidiians-- but she soon relents.
  • At the dedication, Grant's physician, Fordyce Barker, said that cancer was not due to misery, to poverty, or bad sanitary surroundings, or to ignorance or to bad habits, but a disease afflicting the cultured, the wealthy and the inhabitants of salubrious localities.