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  • A plan to move the capital has been discussed many times in prior years.
  • All of the systems discussed in this article are both sound and complete.
  • It reached the point where he refused to discuss any attempt to have him released.
  • In such cases, the person involved is usually required to discuss the issues.
  • The book was widely discussed, even by those who had not read it.
  • However, the term was not generally used in the period being discussed.
  • A few of the most general of these methods are discussed below.
  • En route, the women discuss what type of man they want to marry.
  • These children grow and discuss among themselves what it would be like to live in the light.
  • The book also discusses ways in which these ideas may be put into practice.
  • Some records are discussed at the end of the history section.
  • It is therefore quite difficult to separate fact from fiction when discussing his life.
  • Now that more people had access to knowledge both new and old, more people could discuss these works.
  • At a mid-September meeting, the committee discussed the new language's name.
  • When discussing children in armed conflict there is much information to call upon.
  • The meeting had been called to discuss the current poor state of the British film industry.
  • Later in life he stopped discussing the matter, no reason was given.
  • The Times says council members refused to discuss the reasons for their decision.
  • As has been discussed above, some modern historians place this attempt just before the battle.
  • She stopped discussing her former career in the adult industry after her retirement.
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Root form of discuss is discus for the noun.

Meaning of discuss

  • noun An athletic competition in which a disk-shaped object is thrown as far as possible
  • noun A disk used in throwing competitions