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  • Info Discrete in science is the opposite of continuous: something that is separate; distinct; individual.
  • The Group has a long-term active and generally very discrete support policy.
  • Nearly all of the stories can stand alone as a discrete work.
  • As such, they are similar to the group ring associated to a discrete group.
  • These groups form one of the two series of discrete point groups in two dimensions.
  • A set which is made up only of isolated points is called a discrete set.
  • Discrete-time signals are often referred to as time series in other fields.
  • This can be made much smaller than a discrete circuit made from independent components.
  • But transitions are only allowed between discrete energy levels such as the two shown above.
  • This becomes more true the smaller the discrete units become.
  • But transitions are only allowed in between discrete energy levels such as the two shown above.
  • Each play is discrete and has a relatively small number of possible outcomes.
  • This result indicates the existence of a discrete structure of space at very small scale.
  • More recently, the symbol is often drawn without its circle even for discrete devices.
  • It sees every object as distinct and discrete from all other objects.
  • For true stereoscopy, each eye must be provided with its own discrete display.
  • For higher-power applications, a single discrete device is usually used for each of the six arms of the bridge.
  • However, the particle in a box may only have certain, discrete energy levels.
  • He also made major contributions to the theory of discrete groups and their representations.
  • For further reading in discrete mathematics, beyond a basic level, see these pages.
  • It will also no longer be possible to edit individual parts of the image as discrete objects.
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