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  • He could not help the young man by making these few disclosures now. Cited from The Diamond Cross Mystery, by Chester K. Steele
  • They would also have to make full disclosure of everything they knew.
  • We may first ask what duties the disclosures of this new science lay upon the individual. Cited from Problems of Conduct, by Durant Drake
  • The public disclosure of their relationship did not initially lead to contact between father and daughter.
  • Disclosures you may not make to man, you can make to the Lord. Cited from Making the Most of Life, by J. R. Miller
  • The next disclosures, if ever they are made, will come from others. Cited from The Great Prince Shan, by E. (Edward) Phillips Oppenheim
  • I have therefore no fear that any harm can result from my disclosures. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 38, December, 1860
  • Disclosure must also be made available to the public shortly after they are submitted.
  • I have made a disclosure, so what's their problem with that?
  • But the disclosures would certainly come very soon, and there was no time to be lost. Cited from For Fortune and Glory, by Lewis Hough
  • I have made all my disclosures to you, or very nearly. Cited from The Grip of Desire, by Hector France
  • I believe he would have made disclosures if I had urged him a little. Cited from The Stillwater Tragedy, by T. Aldrich
  • Something like this will be the disclosures that death will make. Cited from American Scenes, and Christian Slavery, by Ebenezer Davies
  • It is only fair that he be given the right to choose his disclosures. Cited from The Cross-Cut, by Courtney Ryley Cooper
  • The terms of the settlement were subject to a non-disclosure agreement between the parties.
  • Although candidates for public office are supposed to issue financial disclosures, many do not.
  • However, these therapists may also been seen as less professional for these disclosures.
  • This included versions that moved the disclosure to a second page of the cost information.
  • Researchers in the human resources field may need to take this non-disclosure into account when carrying out studies.
  • Such disclosures do not form part of the prior art.
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Meaning of disclosure

  • noun The speech act of making something evident