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  • There is a good deal more in many of them than the first thought discloses. Cited from The Book-Hunter, by John Hill Burton
  • Service personnel seemed particularly ready to disclose their station and line of work.
  • Later, as many officers fell, he disclosed his true identity and accepted command.
  • At first, they refused to disclose to him in which round they selected him.
  • None of this additional information must be disclosed and can instead be kept as a secret.
  • I am sure, though, that the experience first disclosed to me the entertainment world.
  • He discloses his identity and tells her what really happened back then.
  • The legal action was settled out of court, and its terms were not disclosed.
  • One must feel accepted in order to feel comfortable enough to self-disclose.
  • When that person discloses, it will not be necessary for me to know anything about it. Cited from Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens
  • That said, people usually report that they themselves are disclosing more than is the other partner.
  • Around this time, he had disclosed that he was having a child with a woman other than his wife.
  • Men and women are both more likely to self-disclose on the computer than they would be face to face.
  • But they exist in all, and their first appearance discloses itself in the moral being. Cited from Biographia Literaria, Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Yet a cut-in leader is usually one that suddenly discloses an important point of the plot. Cited from Writing the Photoplay, by J. Berg Esenwein and Arthur Leeds
  • He also said that he received several other offers, but refused to disclose which clubs they were from.
  • His wheel is one which cannot rest without disclosing the nature of the works which move it. Cited from The Three Clerks, by Anthony Trollope
  • If you feel that your government is not disclosing enough of the truth, you have every right to say so. Cited from The Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • The company did not disclose when it plans to begin construction.
  • However, I'll tell you what I can without disclosing any names of places. Cited from Letters to Helen, by Keith Henderson
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Meaning of disclose

  • verb Disclose to view as by removing a cover
    The curtain rose to disclose a stunning set