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  • It was later revealed that disciplinary measures would probably be taken against him.
  • Financial and disciplinary problems within the club prevented them from building on their success.
  • Individual candidates may also be subject to additional disciplinary measures from their state board.
  • These authorities are then expected to take further disciplinary action against the player as appropriate.
  • This disciplinary system makes sure that all students follow the rules and that order is maintained.
  • He has full powers to conduct local government elections including disciplinary powers over staff who are on election duty.
  • Major disciplinary problems will be brought to the attention of the involved officer's agency.
  • Party officials threatened him with disciplinary action if he continued his challenge.
  • Students are usually organized into small work groups, which have both academic and disciplinary functions.
  • The Chicago police never reported any disciplinary action against the officer.
  • Despite several good performances he was soon dropped from the side for alleged disciplinary problems.
  • At the same time he made known a whole series of disciplinary measures demanded by circumstances.
  • It is common for graduate students to take courses that cross these disciplinary lines.
  • The work is multi-disciplinary and generally includes artists from many fields.
  • In some historic and modern military organizations, it may be used as a disciplinary measure.
  • Disciplinary action may be taken against students who use illegal drugs whether on or off campus.
  • No disciplinary actions were taken against his forces subsequent to this second massacre.
  • However, the board cannot take disciplinary action as the money was spent before the by-laws around the issue were changed.
  • A student's Head of House usually has the final say in disciplinary matters.
  • Surrey experienced disciplinary problems with several of their professional players during the season.
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Synonyms of disciplinary

Meaning of disciplinary

  • adjective Relating to discipline in behavior
    disciplinary problems in the classroom
  • adjective Relating to a specific field of academic study
    economics in its modern disciplinary sense