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  • He had to fight hard against her family's disapproval to win her.
  • In fact, those around the individual will most likely show great disapproval of the individual.
  • He also taught at his home to the disapproval of his wife.
  • Jean followed her back and they got married - much to her parents' disapproval.
  • A few studies have shown more direct disapproval of open marriage.
  • She fell in love with him, and, despite the disapproval of her parents, she married him.
  • Two years later, they were living together, in spite of her father's disapproval.
  • There was disapproval of white men living with women of color, which had previously been accepted.
  • However, due to the disapproval of some residents, the project was put on hold.
  • They love to be with their family and will show their disapproval if neglected.
  • Over the course of the next few weeks, several government officials expressed their disapproval of the construction project.
  • The evidence thus shows strong social disapproval of open marriage.
  • He was not afraid to voice his disapproval of playing it live.
  • The track has attracted both interest and disapproval from fans and music critics over the years.
  • Despite his mother's disapproval, he follows his heart and set off again on another journey to his love.
  • This disapproval was based on what he sees as a clear distinction between information and real knowledge.
  • I thought it time to show my disapproval and took direct action which any red-blooded man would do.
  • His father's disapproval of such friends was a further cause of considerable tension between them.
  • Since then, its history has been one of constant suppression and struggle against official disapproval.
  • At this date there were already signs of official disapproval of the practice.
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Meaning of disapproval

  • noun A feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing
  • noun The expression of disapproval
  • noun The act of disapproving or condemning