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  • The team started the season disappointingly, losing three of their first four games.
  • The number was disappointingly small, even to those who knew the conditions. Cited from What Eight Million Women Want, by Rheta Childe Dorr
  • He had made that disappointingly plain to her in his letter. Cited from Katrine, by Enilor Macartney Lane
  • She settled down to read the article but it was disappointingly brief. Cited from The Bat, by M. R. Rinehart & Avery Hopwood
  • The film performed disappointingly at the box office despite good reviews.
  • The film performed disappointingly at the US box office, but was well-received elsewhere.
  • Nevertheless, sales in the early years seem to have been disappointingly low.
  • Coppell was one of nine players on show who had lost so disappointingly the year before.
  • The film was popular in the UK but performed disappointingly in the US.
  • The action had achieved disappointingly little as far as the British were concerned.
  • The movie was released in the US but performed disappointingly there, too.
  • Everything else is either what we know it to be and know all about or else is disappointingly commonplace. Cited from Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis
  • The film went on to perform disappointingly at the box office.
  • They attracted considerable media attention and were popular with the French public, however they performed disappointingly in the race itself.
  • Italy would disappointingly be eliminated in the group stage of the competition.
  • The season finished disappointingly with relegation as the club finished bottom of the table.
  • After his success in practice, his qualifying attempt was disappointingly slow.
  • However, disappointingly he didn't advance to the finals as he finished third in the semi-finals.
  • Initial sales of the album were strong but dropped off disappointingly as contemporary reviews of the album were mixed.
  • Jodami again ran disappointingly in the early part of the following season.
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Meaning of disappointingly

  • adverb In a disappointing manner
    the discoverer of argon, Sir William Ramsay, looked disappointingly ordinary