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  • Dirty sort of talk is not going to bring her back to life.
  • Ball did not need to get his hands dirty or risk personal resources.
  • The dirtiest thing is that you have decided to do it all without me.
  • It just made me understand that the whole business was dirty.
  • He is a young boy who is, except on very rare occasions, very dirty.
  • A face does not change its shape because it is dirtied with oil and black. Cited from The Walrus Hunters, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • "You get your friends and allies to do your dirty work for you."
  • Things were so much dirtier, so much, worse in every way than he remembered them. Cited from Lo, Michael!, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • The game would go down in history as the dirtiest All-Ireland final ever played.
  • It was the usual sort of building only of stone, and so dirtier than the others. Cited from The Luck of Thirteen, by Jan Gordon and Cora J. Gordon
  • We got here last night and a dirtier or more dismal place you never saw. Cited from Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis
  • Mary almost failed to recognize him when he arrived, he was so dirty and tired.
  • The dirtiest one is very quick; he will learn to count five in no time. Cited from The Continental Monthly, Vol. I, Apr, 1862, Number IV, by Various
  • Dirty Dancing has appeared in other forms than the stage version.
  • The sides of the head and the ears are dirty-white in color.
  • They were tired, they had not been paid yet and all of their clothes were dirty.
  • I wonder which of us has dirtied his hands the most. Cited from The Slave Of The Lamp, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • Now, go ahead and do your dirtiest to me and to mine. Cited from Black Caesar's Clan, by Albert Payson Terhune
  • His hands were dirtied with blood, but he had not been in control and never meant his actions.
  • Dirty Mind is the third studio album by American recording artist Prince.
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Meaning of dirty

  • verb Make soiled, filthy, or dirty
    don't soil your clothes when you play outside!
  • adjective Soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime
    dirty unswept sidewalks, a child in dirty overalls, dirty slums, piles of dirty dishes, put his dirty feet on the clean sheet, wore an unclean shirt, mining is a dirty job, Cinderella did the dirty work while her sisters preened themselves
  • adjective (of behavior or especially language) characterized by obscenity or indecency
    dirty words, a dirty old man, dirty books and movies, boys telling dirty jokes, has a dirty mouth
  • adjective Spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination
    the air near the foundry was always dirty, a dirty bomb releases enormous amounts of long-lived radioactive fallout