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  • These directionally named regions are also not defined along county lines and are also broad.
  • Once a connection is set up, user data may be sent bi-directionally over the connection.
  • The station has five platforms, all of which can be used bi-directionally.
  • As long as ni is used directionally, it is possible to substitute e in its place.
  • For instance, a flight class is associated with a plane class bi-directionally.
  • There is currently only one through platform in public use, which is bi-directionally signalled.
  • It was also difficult to beam the radio wave directionally with long wave, resulting in a major loss of power over long distances.
  • During the journey back there is airtime and directionally changing hills, before entering the final brake run.
  • In most cases, up is a directionally oriented position generally opposite to that of the pull of gravity.
  • The dominant influence historically has been China, though in modern times, cultural exchange has flowed more bi-directionally.
  • They are best described as directionally "off tone" wavy lines or patterns.
  • At high speeds the car was very stable directionally and could be cornered safely very fast for such a large car.
  • It is double-tracked as a divided highway (directionally separated) in most sections.
  • Every problem can be made strongly directionally i -consistent, but this operation may increase the width of its corresponding graphs.
  • This method uses a vertical production well and an extended lateral well drilled directionally in the coal.
  • The line is double track throughout, except where a short bi-directionally signalled single line section passes through station platform 9.
  • In contrast to road transport, where vehicles merely run on a prepared surface, rail vehicles are also directionally guided by the tracks on which they run.
  • It uses one tower to transmit a nondirectional signal by day and three towers to operate directionally at night.
  • Enrichment can occur bi-directionally such as work-family enrichment or family-work enrichment.
  • These features enabled basilosaurs to hear directionally in water.
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