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  • Diminished is to make smaller or less or to cause to appear so.
  • However, he saw his playing time diminish as the season went on.
  • There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.
  • Over the next six years, he played a gradually diminishing role with the team.
  • Great though others be, their influence diminishes with their increasing distance in space and time. Cited from The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1, by Various
  • In the moment of winning there is a sense the others have been diminished.
  • This did not diminish the importance of the union between the two cities.
  • There was once a school but it closed due to diminishing numbers of children.
  • However, the role of city manager has diminished over the years.
  • As a result the population began to diminish in numbers and the remaining population became older.
  • His service with the King does not seem to have diminished his desire to write.
  • As early as the following year, production was stopped due to diminishing demand.
  • With these two events, popular support for the war diminished in Italy.
  • It is not expected that this use will diminish the commercial value of the original work.
  • It at once diminishes their interest: we ought to work slowly up through the human side. Cited from Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton, B. A. Of Trinity College Cambridge, Benson
  • In a battle, every one who is killed diminishes by so much the strength of the army. Cited from World's Best Literature, Ancient & Modern, Vol. 4, by C. D. Warner
  • This helped diminish the distance between the home front and remote battle fields.
  • If there was a high level of road feel in normal conditions, it may suddenly diminish.
  • The diminishing status of the films he was offered led to his leaving the big screen.
  • They offers him to diminish his old house and build apartment instead.
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Meaning of diminish

  • verb Lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of
    don't belittle your colleagues