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  • The house fell into a dilapidated state in the post war years.
  • There are so many children who have lost their parents and are living in dilapidated conditions.
  • As a result a number of buildings within the town have become dilapidated.
  • Now the school does not have enough strength and the buildings are dilapidated.
  • The building became more and more dilapidated during the next period.
  • He found it in a dilapidated condition and makes no mention of its king.
  • The place has also a church and a palace, all in a dilapidated condition.
  • For most part of the last century, this temple was in a dilapidated state.
  • The station consists of a single side platform and a dilapidated wooden station building.
  • But the dilapidated state of its buildings led to various plans to try and improve living conditions.
  • Several dilapidated houses were improved and an active community garden was started.
  • It was part of a plan to re-house people from the dilapidated inner city.
  • A new bridge was built a few months ago across the river as the old one was in dilapidated condition.
  • In any event the stadium received little investment and as a result became quickly dilapidated.
  • However within a few years, the monument had fallen into a dilapidated state.
  • The station platform remains in a dilapidated state, although the station buildings have long since been demolished.
  • Then a series of construction projects to replace the dilapidated buildings began.
  • The most of their buildings are now dilapidated and abandoned condition.
  • Next day they find his horse outside a small, dilapidated house, and he wishes them good morning from the door.
  • For the next two years the dilapidated church building was restored.
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Root form of dilapidated is dilapidate for the verb.

Meaning of dilapidated

  • verb Bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin by neglect or misuse