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  • Three days later another ship turned up, digging it out of the ground.
  • One engine was dug out, but no human effort could save the other two.
  • He dug it up, found the near dead child and brought him back to life.
  • He was going to dig him after he revealed the location of his daughter.
  • A well dug in an early era shows that the water table was very high.
  • They may rapidly dig themselves into the ground if they cannot find cover when in danger.
  • Digs in de garden in de day en comes in de house at night. Cited from Slave Narratives: South Carolina, Part 1, by Work Projects Admin.
  • A second such well was later dug to be used for his saw mill.
  • And yet if any should be dug up, it would be a proper metal.
  • The bill is short and generally strong, particularly in species that dig for food.
  • Her grave is separate from the others and is the only one dug up.
  • It is necessary to re-dig the canal bed every year for two months.
  • If one is not close it will dig a new one rapidly.
  • DIG Magazine, the campus magazine, has gone through many changes throughout the years.
  • Dogs kept digging him up so he was buried a few times before he stayed put.
  • The fire was so heavy that if you tried to raise up to dig you were dead.
  • She sat down on a rock at the edge of the water and began to dig.
  • He became involved in gold-digging, and later joined the mounted police.
  • He is also the only member who can dig holes in the ground.
  • Stumps thus dug may actually remain a century or more since being cut.
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Meaning of dig

  • noun The site of an archeological exploration
    they set up camp next to the dig
  • noun A small gouge (as in the cover of a book)
    the book was in good condition except for a dig in the back cover
  • noun The act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow
    she gave me a sharp dig in the ribs
  • verb Turn up, loosen, or remove earth
    Dig we must, turn over the soil for aeration
  • verb Create by digging
    dig a hole, dig out a channel
  • verb Remove, harvest, or recover by digging
    dig salt, dig coal
  • verb Thrust down or into
    dig the oars into the water, dig your foot into the floor