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  • The second half of the season began with a different line up than the first half.
  • The results for different players playing the same deal are then compared.
  • Many species currently assigned to this group have been placed in other groups at different times.
  • The legal position is different at other sites and in other countries.
  • The band continued during the early 1970s, with a slightly different line-up.
  • There are many different ways to set up the game.
  • They have shown several concept cars, each with different levels of size and performance.
  • Then we toured with a different line-up, and what does that matter?
  • In ancient mathematics they had a different meaning from what they now have.
  • Several different systems have been developed to do this.
  • A typical example is a director who is president of a firm in a different industry.
  • The Bank also had a narrow escape of a different nature.
  • Another ten have the same stars but different names.
  • A different kind of black was an important part of the romantic movement in literature.
  • These focused on technology and its social effects in different ways.
  • Now the game is generally a well-known game and has many players of all different skill levels.
  • All we can say about the value of this constant is that it will be different for each material.
  • It is also used to make homes for different animals.
  • The three prototype cars were different from anything being sold at the time.
  • The European book manufacturing industry works to a completely different set of standards.
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Meaning of different

  • adjective Unlike in nature or quality or form or degree
    took different approaches to the problem, came to a different conclusion, different parts of the country, on different sides of the issue, this meeting was different from the earlier one