died in exile

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  • He died in exile, with the date of his death lost to history.
  • He eventually died in exile, but the year of his death is not known.
  • He lived and died in exile, far from his wife and children. Cited from Good Stories for Holidays Frances J. Olcott
  • He buried his daughter who died in exile there.
  • He died in exile a couple of years later.
  • While he was only two years old, his father died in exile in Sivas.
  • Soon afterwards he fled the country and died in exile.
  • Varazdat most probably died in exile and the date of his death is unknown.
  • He died in exile and was later canonised as a national saint of his people.
  • Eutyches died in exile, but of his later life nothing is known.
  • He eventually fled the country and died in exile.
  • With his family he fled the country and died in exile; his precise date of death is unknown.
  • It is thought that he died in exile following the Restoration.
  • He had never recovered from his sufferings there, and died in exile, without seeing his wife and children again. Cited from The Descent Of Man & Other Stories,Wharton
  • After this sad end of his hopes the unfortunate gentleman went abroad and died in exile. Cited from Shadows of the Stage, by William Winter
  • He died in exile on account of having spoken too freely to Pompey.
  • He died in exile in the United States.
  • He also buried the remains of his mother and brother, who had died in exile, with decent solemnity. Cited from A Smaller History of Rome, by William Smith and Eugene Lawrence
  • Thus Peak was born, lived and died in Exile.
  • Napoleon was a great warrior, but he died in exile, a prisoner of war. Cited from Twentieth Century Negro Literature, by Various
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