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  • The fruit is often the most important diagnostic character for plants in this family.
  • As new diagnostic methods become available, the "gold standard" test may change over time.
  • Problems are recorded so they can be reported to diagnostic equipment.
  • Recent increases in the number of reported cases may be due to changes in diagnostic practice.
  • There are other more direct and more diagnostic ways that could be used in appropriate circumstances.
  • The definition has advanced as knowledge has increased and new diagnostic tests have been introduced.
  • If the same diagnostic methods are used, the rates are more or less the same between countries.
  • No system of diagnostic criteria has been agreed as the gold standard for heart failure.
  • This diagnostic method is a low cost one compared with other techniques.
  • There are many examples of practice and diagnostic tests being run real time over the internet.
  • A diagnostic evaluation by a medical doctor is necessary to rule these out.
  • There he was trained to use sound as a diagnostic aid.
  • Diagnostic technology is another area for continued research.
  • When the Tower is first turned on, it performs a self-diagnostic test.
  • More common, coarser and less well made vessels are also present but are less diagnostic for the period.
  • Such an action may be accompanied by diagnostic information on the aborted process.
  • Rural areas can use this technology for diagnostic purposes, thus saving lives and making more efficient use of health care money.
  • The main idea is that whether the tissue is hard or soft will give diagnostic information about the presence or status of disease.
  • Some treatment and diagnostic centres are now run by private enterprise and funded under contract.
  • This makes culture techniques useless for diagnostic purposes, but is commonly used in research.
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Synonyms of diagnostic

Meaning of diagnostic

  • adjective Concerned with diagnosis; used for furthering diagnosis
    a diagnostic reading test