dewy tears

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  • My dear little pets, the flowers shed dewy tears over her bright, young head long time ago. Cited from Little Ferns For Fanny's Little Friends, by Fanny Fern
  • I would these dewy tears were from the ground. Cited from King Richard III, by William Shakespeare
  • "Why didn't my mother come?" the child whimpers, dewy tears decorating her eyes. Cited from Our World, by Francis Colburn Adams
  • Soft, dewy tears melted in those burning eyes, and sent a mist of sweet effluence over her face. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 60, October 1862, by Various
  • The pinks weep dewy tears Upon my hand to chide you. Cited from Laura Secord, by Sarah Anne Curzon
  • As soon as he could extricate himself, the Captain smiled and wiped his wet face, for Dot had been leaving little dewy tears all over it. Cited from The Little Skipper, by George Manville Fenn
  • The trees shook out their rustling garments, glorious autumn robes of color, scattering the dewy tears of night before the smiling day. Cited from Princess Maritza, by Percy Brebner
  • Harry smooths, and smooths, and smooths his forehead with his hand; until at length his feelings get the better of his resolution; he will wipe the dewy tears from his eyes. Cited from Our World, by Francis Colburn Adams
  • But look, her violet eyes are wet With bright, unfallen, dewy tears; And in her song my fancy hears A note of sorrow trembling yet. Cited from The Poems of Henry Van Dyke, by Henry Van Dyke
  • The night will mourn thine absence ever more, With dewy tears, And, the bright day, will, dimmer now, deplore, The darkened years. Cited from Lays of Ancient Virginia, and Other Poems, by James Avis Bartley
  • It lets whole generations go by before it puts forth one blossom; so I have really more heartfelt admiration when I see the dewy tears in the blue eyes of the violets, for they come every spring. Cited from New Tabernacle Sermons, by Thomas De Witt Talmage
  • Oh, drop o'er him your fragrant dewy tears, For your own queen who brings you joy, For Love, the Queen of Love, no longer cheers, Upon my heart it all doth cloy. Cited from Babylonian and Assyrian Literature, by Anonymous
  • The desert heavens have felt her sadness; Her earth will weep her some dewy tears; The wild beck ends her tune of gladness, And goeth stilly as soul that fears. Cited from The World's Best Poetry, Volume 3, by Various
  • Jerusalem might carpenter a cross for Him, but the world would weave its heartfelt devotion into a crown of love for Him, bestudded with the dewy tears of its gratitude, sparkling like diamonds in the light of His face. Cited from Quiet Talks on John's Gospel, by S. D. Gordon
  • Learn of thy love, the morning: she hath wept Shower upon shower of silver-dewy tears; High trees, low plants, and pretty little flowers Witness her woe: on them her grief appears, And as she drips on them, they do not let, By drop and drop, their mother earth to wet. Cited from A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VIII (4th edition)
  • Raising her right hand to her chin, pensively, she lifted her eyes heavenward, and in that silent appeal, in those dewy tears that glistened in her great orbs, in those words that seemed freezing to her quivering lips, the fierce struggle waging in that bosom was told. Cited from An Outcast, by F. Colburn Adams
  • Within the letter's rustling fold I find once more a glad surprise-- A little tiny cup of gold-- Two little lovely violet eyes; A cup of gold with emeralds set, Once filled with wine from happier spheres; Two little eyes so lately wet With spring's delicious dewy tears. Cited from Poems, by Denis Florence MacCarthy
  • The war of swords and spears, Melted by dewy tears, Exhales on high; The sun is freed from fears, And with soft grateful tears, Ascends the sky. Cited from England's Antiphon, by George MacDonald