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  • Developmentally appropriate practice is based upon the idea that children learn best from doing.
  • He described himself as developmentally behind other players at his level because of the time he had devoted to football.
  • Special categories for developmentally challenged students have been introduced recently to the fair.
  • She has also provided assistance to pregnant youth and developmentally disabled children.
  • The definition of disabled children expanded to include developmentally delayed children between three and nine years of age.
  • The school provided space for children who were developmentally delayed to be educated in our building with their own programs and their own teachers.
  • This marked a shift toward human services as public schools began to offer classes aimed towards the developmentally disabled.
  • As well, The Centre provides education and training for developmentally challenged students.
  • They do so by behaving in public as if they were developmentally disabled.
  • Toddlers may have trouble feeding themselves or may stand, sit or walk later than what is developmentally normal.
  • Many developmentally challenged individuals never reach this stage regardless of age.
  • They work in health care settings, and provide homes for the developmentally disabled.
  • As examples, guide dogs will need skills different from dogs that work with developmentally disabled children.
  • Little is known about how her relationship with her developmentally disabled husband (save her words to her second husband, referred to below) was.
  • By this time its mission had expanded to include educating developmentally disabled youth.
  • The man is a bus driver for a school for developmentally disabled children.
  • Her mother was a teacher, specializing in developmentally disabled children, and her father was a sports coach.
  • Assessment must focus on children's progress towards goals that are developmentally and educationally significant.
  • The developmentally disabled can turn to certain organizations to aid in their search to gain information regarding the options for their care.
  • Programs defined according to these standards should be developmentally appropriate, interesting, and relevant to students' lives.
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Meaning of developmentally

  • adverb With respect to development
    developmentally retarded