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  • Or perhaps this was a natural development in their political system.
  • China was also an important center for agricultural technology development during this period.
  • In many areas of the country, the natural environment is threatened by development.
  • However, development began on only a few projects before funding for the program was cut.
  • However, those projects were shut down during development, some just short of their intended commercial release.
  • Life science is a key sector with extensive research and development activities.
  • The demand for higher speed led to the development of new systems specifically for computer use.
  • Through these artists and others, blues music influenced the development of rock music.
  • With the growth of the size of development teams in the industry, the problem of cost has increased.
  • Contributions to the development of science and technology have appeared throughout the country's history.
  • He has increasingly supported the development of local artists, arts education, and the arts scene.
  • It also takes the applied approach, looking at individual language development and clinical issues.
  • This lower speed would also speed development and allow their design to fly before the Americans.
  • The concept has existed for centuries and research and development have continued into the modern era.
  • He had for some time thought about the development of a new fast armoured ship.
  • A number of national professional organizations exist to promote career and business development in architecture.
  • Some art historians focus their study of the development of art on the classical world.
  • The election also demonstrated the rapid development and organization of political parties during this time period.
  • In short why does so much planned development fail?
  • Further activities supporting development of culture are undertaken at local government level.
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Meaning of development

  • noun Act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining
    he congratulated them on their development of a plan to meet the emergency, they funded research and development
  • noun A process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage)
    the development of his ideas took many years, the evolution of Greek civilization, the slow development of her skill as a writer
  • noun A recent event that has some relevance for the present situation
    recent developments in Iraq, what a revolting development!
  • noun A district that has been developed to serve some purpose
    such land is practical for small park developments
  • noun A state in which things are improving; the result of developing (as in the early part of a game of chess)
    after he saw the latest development he changed his mind and became a supporter, in chess your should take care of your development before moving your queen
  • noun Processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible
    the development and printing of his pictures took only two hours
  • noun (music) the section of a composition or movement (especially in sonata form) where the major musical themes are developed and elaborated