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  • War developes more rapidly and more conspicuously the abilities of men than any other public employment. Cited from The Memories of Fifty Years, by William H. Sparks
  • The influences among which he developes do little for him. Cited from Behind the Bungalow, by EHA
  • This letter is written in an excellent spirit, and clearly developes the cause of the separation. Cited from A Visit To The United States In 1841, by Joseph Sturge
  • Nothing developes the spirit so much as sympathy. Cited from Dreams and Dream Stories, Anna (Bonus) Kingsford
  • Can you actually be blind to that higher and nobler life which never developes itself more beautifully than in a peaceful home? Cited from The Home or, Life in Sweden, by Fredrika Bremer
  • Matter developes from simple to complex forms, growing by its own properties, in directions determined by the circumstances and surroundings of its existence. Cited from Creation and Its Records, by B.H. Baden-Powell
  • It also clearly developes the secret cause of his lordship's sudden recall from Egypt. Cited from Life of Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson, Vol. I (of 2), by James Harrison
  • His situation naturally developes in him to the highest degree a peculiar class of abilities and a peculiar class of vices. Cited from History of England, James II Vol. 1, Macaulay
  • He also developes an unusually acute sense of hearing, and tears into a raw steak like never before.
  • In a commercial country like England, every half century developes some new and vast source of public wealth, which brings into national notice a new and powerful class. Cited from Sybil, or the Two Nations, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • He is also famous in the field of online service marketing as he developes a reliable and valid instrument to measure online service quality.
  • The power of En-Noor more and more developes itself. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in 1850-51, Volume 1, by James Richardson
  • Besides, we all know that moneylending, together with respectability, developes a certain thoughtfulness in men. Cited from A Desperate Character, by Ivan Turgenev
  • After this, his wife becomes a Roman Catholic for six months, and then developes into a thoroughpaced infidel of generally loose character. Cited from Punch, Vol. 99, September 20, 1890, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • All that developes one part of the intellect. Cited from North and South, Elizabeth C Gaskell
  • The person developes a hacking cough, and finally goes to the doctor, and he, if he knows his business, probably finds tuberculosis well established. Cited from The Royal Road to Health, by C.A. Tyrrell
  • Very soon the situation developes the important question how this commonwealth shall be administered -- whether by a representative assembly, or by a picked council, or a single governor. Cited from Milton, by Mark Pattison
  • Profound analysis has discovered a yet more powerful cause: the presence of phosphorous in all the portions, and which decomposition soon developes. Cited from The Physiology of Taste, by Brillat Savarin
  • The more the Government civilizes them and developes the country, the less plentiful the game becomes, and the less profit the Company can make. Cited from Camp of Big Bear, by Gowanlock & Delaney
  • The one from a Special Justice clearly developes the principal causes of the backwardness of the laborers. Cited from The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus, by American Anti-Slavery Society
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Root form of developes is develop for the verb.

Meaning of developes

  • verb Make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation
    Her company developed a new kind of building material that withstands all kinds of weather, They developed a new technique
  • verb Gain through experience
    I acquired a strong aversion to television, Children must develop a sense of right and wrong, Dave developed leadership qualities in his new position, develop a passion for painting
  • verb Be gradually disclosed or unfolded; become manifest;
    The plot developed slowly
  • verb Grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment
    A flower developed on the branch, The country developed into a mighty superpower, The embryo develops into a fetus, This situation has developed over a long time
  • verb Cause to grow and differentiate in ways conforming to its natural development
    The perfect climate here develops the grain, He developed a new kind of apple
  • verb Generate gradually
    We must develop more potential customers, develop a market for the new mobile phone
  • verb Grow emotionally or mature
    The child developed beautifully in her new kindergarten, When he spent a summer at camp, the boy grew noticeably and no longer showed some of his old adolescent behavior
  • verb Make visible by means of chemical solutions
    Please develop this roll of film for me
  • verb Superimpose a three-dimensional surface on a plane without stretching, in geometry
  • verb Move one's pieces into strategically more advantageous positions
    Spassky developed quickly
  • verb Move into a strategically more advantageous position
    develop the rook
  • verb Elaborate by the unfolding of a musical idea and by the working out of the rhythmic and harmonic changes in the theme
    develop the melody and change the key
  • verb Expand in the form of a series
    Develop the function in the following form