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  • She moved on to finding a developer who would name a new street after him instead.
  • Developers who complete these projects will then receive any money that has been donated to the project.
  • This makes it easy to get in contact and work with other developers who have similar interests.
  • Rob is an independent website developer who recently opened his own computer supply store.
  • These facilities were sold to a property developer who turned it into housing in the 1970s.
  • He gained a reputation for being an able leader and land developer who cared for his people.
  • Commercial developers who can afford the cost can apply to have their software signed via the program.
  • Development was later resumed by two developers who attempted to make it into a commercial venture.
  • The Park was eventually torn down and the land sold to developers who built houses on it.
  • The area has been sold to various developers who are being encouraged to build large mixed use schemes.
  • Many farmers have sold their properties to real estate developers who have built residential housing.
  • The closed schools will be sold to real estate developers who will use the schools and land to their discretion.
  • He also decides to then sell the castle to a property developer who wants to turn the castle into a hotel.
  • The area has attracted real estate developers who have built a wide range of facilities for differing purposes.
  • A franchise was granted to a group of developers who passed the franchise onto another group.
  • The rest of the facility was sold to a private developer who has since built multi-story apartment buildings on the former base.
  • Further, application developers who design new data types can easily extend the UTIs available.
  • This saved the garden from the hands of property developers who wanted to build an underground car park under the gardens.
  • The land was subsequently sold to private developers who built 350 homes in the area.
  • The base has since been sold to real estate developers who have demolished all the buildings and have started building residential housing.
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