developers have

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  • Developers have stated that the project may take fifty years before it is finished.
  • The game developers have a final say on what award specific content is awarded.
  • Many different developers have developed the land along the east side.
  • The Developers have also stated some changes will be made to classes in future.
  • The game is now out of print since its developers have gone out of business.
  • Several developers have shown interest in releasing said games at some point, however.
  • The developers have created large numbers of faces for the characters involved in the game.
  • It does not appear that the developers have broken any law.
  • Typically the developers have offered one or two releases per year, as shown below.
  • Several independent developers have released some new versions of the software.
  • Because of being only three people, the developers had to do more than what they normally would have to.
  • Green building developers have to now get permits and rights-of-way to build lines across private property.
  • Several developers have implemented means to play games online while using different platforms.
  • The developers have taken into account several differences between road and climate conditions in developed and developing countries.
  • Particularly in recent years, developers have been remaking older video games with modern technology.
  • Developers have also found the machine difficult to program for.
  • The quality bar is so high and publishers and developers have put so much effort against high quality games.
  • The developer has taken down the Forum and no new versions will be released.
  • Developers have also played huge roles in development, particularly by planning projects.
  • The developers have said the format will allow them to add and change content very quickly in response to the community.
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