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  • However, this development did not take place due to financial problems for the developer.
  • The developer simply did whatever seemed natural, and the system made it work quickly.
  • Most video and computer games are developed by third-party developers.
  • The developer established a school and a post office but there were few residents.
  • This house was considered to be the first built according to the plans of the developers.
  • The developers then began looking for languages to use on the system.
  • The developer's plans for the building were not made clear at the time.
  • The site has been sold to property developers and the town hall building subsequently put up for sale itself.
  • Successful developers may maintain several teams working on different games for different publishers.
  • This allowed the developer to test the software before the target system was complete.
  • The developers think the game's just right; that they're being too soft.
  • A lead game developer is responsible for the overall game development.
  • A software developer may take part in design, computer programming, or software project management.
  • This allowed developers to build new houses within the city.
  • Most game developer companies have video game publisher financial and usually marketing support.
  • This opened the field to a cottage industry of third-party software developers.
  • The game's developers could then use each section to provide music based on the actions of the player.
  • It was later revealed that the developers were friends and had helped each other on past occasions.
  • The product is no longer mentioned on the developer's web site, either.
  • These facilities were built by the developer and services rendered by various government bodies.
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Root form of developers is developer for the noun.

Meaning of developers

  • noun Someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)
  • noun Photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film