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  • In the last years, this village has grown thanks to a new piece of land which was said to be developable.
  • Nevertheless, there is sufficient developable land in the town to sustain several several years of development.
  • Had the land been developable, this would have been the ideal location for a central meeting house, as well as churches and schools.
  • A complex of groups Y is said to be developable if it arises in this way.
  • San Jose has continued since then to grow in population since it is surrounded by large tracts of developable land.
  • More generally, any developable surface in three dimensions is part of a complete ruled surface, and so itself must be locally ruled.
  • Because of this, many developable surfaces can be visualised as the surface formed by moving a straight line in space.
  • Faith, like an ear for music or taste in literature, is a developable instinct. Cited from Some Christian Convictions, by Henry Sloane Coffin
  • It currently has a land bank in mainland China of exceeding in developable gross floor area.
  • The maximum is the point of most intense developable image. Cited from Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays, by J. (John) Joly
  • The complex, renamed University Crossing, consisted of approximately of developable space.
  • Many argue that by restricting the supply of developable land, such boundaries can drive up housing prices.
  • The cemetery now utilizes developed with an additional developable available.
  • Rouse believed that individual churches were a waste of developable land.
  • Regulatory constraints such as urban growth boundaries serve to reduce the amount of developable land and thus increase prices for new housing construction.
  • By 1970 all developable land in the community was taken.
  • A theorem from Vickery states that every developable space in fact has a nested development.
  • By 1960, most of the easily developable land was gone.
  • Therefore, prime farmland is also prime developable land, and is extremely prone to conversion when in proximity to urban growth areas.
  • The initial city is on a small central area of developable land and a player must purchase more land for expansion using simoleons and collectible land permits.
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