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  • Despite playing their original songs for some of their shows, they developed new music.
  • Then, he used the site of the iron works to develop new industry.
  • He is also often asked to help develop new pieces of writing.
  • In this field he developed new techniques in primary school science education.
  • Sometimes these efforts lead to developing new services and technology before the larger banks.
  • In addition, the school has developed new programs to meet local and regional industry needs.
  • Hall then returned to the way he did it in the beginning, developing new artists.
  • The show generally developed new stories and introduced new characters.
  • It is one of the most developing new born city in the field of quality education.
  • Soon they started to develop new types according to the need.
  • Since they were settled in one place they were able to develop new industries.
  • His presentation of the material changed over time as he developed new research ideas.
  • Each characters has specific fighting techniques and will develop new techniques with practice.
  • He developed new elements of strength in the church. Cited from Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880, by George Washington Williams
  • To conduct research and develop new products, you must have money.
  • The company also has a chemical engineering research division which works on developing new products.
  • Since then, the company has developed new games and publish their games worldwide.
  • He is currently dedicated to found and develop new businesses in real estate and health services.
  • It has recently completed work with the borough council in developing new sports facilities.
  • He had developed new technology for analysis of movement.
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