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  • It then passed slowly and devastatingly down the hall and drive. Cited from More William, by Richmal Crompton
  • They are extremely loyal to him and form a devastatingly effective army.
  • This produced devastatingly accurate bombing results in the last months of the war.
  • It is a weapon which can be easily hidden prior to use, and due to this fact can be devastatingly effective.
  • A very close convergence point proved devastatingly effective for some pilots.
  • The bombing is depicted as a devastatingly effective strike against an industrial area.
  • The 200-page report he compiled, though never published in full, is said to be devastatingly critical.
  • Housing values in even the most prosperous parts of the county plunged to devastatingly low values.
  • The campaign was devastatingly successful for the Darwinian cause and brought new recruits.
  • These events can take place over the course of several years of creeping but powerful movement, or in a matter of a few devastatingly destructive moments.
  • The best are the writers that can turn a phrase devastatingly funny.
  • Ellen's marriage broke into Joanna's life quite as devastatingly as Martin's death. Cited from Joanna Godden, by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  • While he possesses no magical ability, he is a devastatingly powerful swordsman.
  • He was released however and devastatingly exploded a bomb at the staff Christmas function so as to save the victims.
  • Fire teams of seven or eight archers manned these platforms, and they proved devastatingly effective as the battle commenced at close quarter.
  • Wei was devastatingly defeated and ceded a large part of its territory in return for truce.
  • Although devastatingly effective at first, the Allied scientists soon developed countermeasures.
  • Lyrically, the devastatingly emotional ballad speaks about the absolute love between a child and her mother.
  • And as for the season -- McKellar could not remember such a devastatingly dry August since he was a lad at home. Cited from The Beauty and the Bolshevist, by Alice Duer Miller
  • Only a short time before, such a complex attack had devastatingly mauled UGS-38.
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