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  • I was told very clearly that my next thing was detention centre.
  • The detention centre was a source of much controversy during its time of operation.
  • Neither his name nor his detention could be reported in the Israeli media.
  • In prison his detention period was repeatedly extended without his being brought to trial.
  • He said he spent two more days in a detention facility in the airport after the incident.
  • So many detentions have occurred they ought to have made me of a patient spirit. Cited from Last Journals of David Livingstone, II (of 2), by David Livingstone
  • The two are allowed back into school but face detention.
  • After the war it served as a detention camp run by the British occupation forces.
  • Such Acts remain constitutional even if they provide for detention without trial.
  • Detentions beyond the nominal time still happened but he worked on those too.
  • Despite all the promises he is still being held on a temporary detention order.
  • The incomplete list includes all local, state, federal, or any other detention facility.
  • He has been held in administrative detention several times.
  • She was greatly puzzled, for boys did not usually take detentions after school so much to heart. Cited from A Son of the City, by Herman Gastrell Seely
  • It serves as a short term prison sentence facility and a pre-trial detention center.
  • This list includes detention facilities in New Mexico which house prisoners of the state.
  • However, he retained much of the government's power for arrest and detention.
  • Administrative detentions are defined in the law of many of the world's states.
  • Hitler had stated that he did not want it to be just another prison or detention camp.
  • This includes detention for court and other court services.
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Meaning of detention

  • noun A state of being confined (usually for a short time)
    his detention was politically motivated, the prisoner is on hold, he is in the custody of police
  • noun A punishment in which a student must stay at school after others have gone home
    the detention of tardy pupils