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  • The expected number of detectable events in a year is two or three.
  • In order to make the mine less detectable, the entire body is made from glass.
  • There may be little or no detectable flow into or out of the left side of the heart.
  • According to the study there has been no detectable change in accident rates.
  • However, it appears that there has been little or no detectable quality shift.
  • The detectable condition will typically be seen as a state change.
  • The device does not provide an image; only presence of light is detectable.
  • These are highly specific to the plant species and detectable within several meters of the source.
  • Most critics feared long-term effects which would not be detectable during short-term observation.
  • The device also made a distinct sound, easily detectable by the enemy.
  • No experiment can directly test them, an actual particular photon being detectable only once.
  • It remains detectable even if the ants don't use the trail for several days.
  • It was as if the person were dead, since they had no detectable pulse.
  • However, reducing the cell size may cause the data signal to become too weak to be detectable.
  • Many have no detectable edge when there is a stable surface.
  • Jovian mass planets can be detectable around stars up to a few thousand light years away.
  • With these changes the original songs were often not detectable particularly if the melody was slightly modified.
  • Therefore, these galaxies will no longer be detectable in any way.
  • While the various sounds that influence their work are always detectable, none ever dominate the band's music.
  • Some effect caused by this difference should be detectable.
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