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  • Some of these detainees were kept at this site for over two years.
  • This was when his and the names of other detainees were made public.
  • The other detainees quickly followed suit and said they too wanted to represent themselves.
  • Two of the nine detainees were said to have died from this treatment.
  • Each detainee has a personal computer in his cell, on which he can view material related to his case.
  • The administration also initially argued that these detainees could not access the US legal system.
  • The Church also held a special Mass for the detainees and their families.
  • The administration has said that such detainees can be held for "as long as necessary".
  • The same day, the European Union said that its member states would accept some detainees.
  • The list consisted largely of administrative detainees who were due to be released.
  • According to government sources, the detainees are broken into two groups.
  • The reunion drew a hundred former detainees, who came from many different countries.
  • Whether or not they wish to participate is entirely up to the detainees themselves.
  • It said that the detainees should all either be charged in a court of law, or released.
  • Life in the camp has been described in several books and essays subsequently written by detainees.
  • As well as music and drama, sports also played a major role in the life of the camp detainees.
  • While some detainees had reported seeing Canadian officials, the government originally denied it.
  • He was told that he would be required to testify against other detainees.
  • Surgical operations were also performed on detainees in order to train medical staff.
  • He is committed to seeking justice for his son and other detainees.
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  • noun Some held in custody