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  • A detachable table can be placed between the second and third row seats.
  • Being detachable, it can be used either with or without the outer case. Cited from Stamp Collecting as a Pastime, by Edward J. Nankivell
  • Other storage capacity may be provided in a top box, detachable in some cases.
  • The rear roof section was detachable to make the car into a pick-up.
  • Having discovered that it was detachable, he always made for it as soon as the spirit of play seized him. Cited from Black Bruin, by Clarence Hawkes
  • The big end has a detachable half to allow assembly around the crankshaft.
  • Despite being quickly detachable, they are not very convenient for carrying around.
  • Four detachable legs were added to support this much larger instrument.
  • With detachable hard top or convertible soft top there are also half soft-top versions.
  • The ship itself is made up of two detachable sections.
  • This control usually has a detachable leg bar which controls walking when held in the opposite hand.
  • This wagon normally appeared with four detachable horses, but at times came with six.
  • The rifle can also be ordered with a detachable box magazine.
  • Much of the detachable interior decoration of the palace was sold over the past two centuries.
  • Units feature a detachable seat which can be used to convert the cabinet into a sit-down game.
  • This is sometimes called the double-rubber, and is made detachable if desired. Cited from People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English, by R.V. Pierce
  • Every detachable object out of doors is taken inside. Cited from The Motor Maids in Fair Japan, by Katherine Stokes
  • These can be detachable to allow conversion into a travel guitar.
  • The picture is formed onto the detachable front screen surface.
  • As mentioned, early models used a conventional detachable box magazine while later versions had the integral one.
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Meaning of detachable

  • adjective Designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage
    shirts with detachable collars