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  • Every little change in every little property would mean the whole thing is destroyed.
  • It seems to me any economic structure that could give young people a future has been destroyed.
  • The civil war that followed destroyed what was left of the Republic.
  • All the world will be destroyed, every human being will die.
  • These books are rarely published and are typically destroyed or remain private.
  • If you take away either part, the serious or the non-serious, you destroy him.
  • His personal papers were destroyed after his death at his request.
  • However, many have been destroyed without any such reason.
  • Why were the remains of the site where the massacre had taken place destroyed?
  • Fires began that night and by next morning, most of the central city was destroyed.
  • The fire didn't take hold and was put out before it could destroy the bridge.
  • One third of its houses were damaged or destroyed, and the city lost half of its population.
  • They saw all of these as institutions to be destroyed.
  • Economic resources were employed in and destroyed by the war effort.
  • It is extremely rare, since he destroyed his designs later in life.
  • They must be destroyed as soon as possible.
  • Before the end of February, a fire destroyed part of the Imperial palace.
  • Many buildings changed use but were not destroyed.
  • Eight crew members were killed, forty-seven were wounded, and eleven aircraft were destroyed.
  • As the town was still very small, most of the buildings were made of wood and the town was destroyed.
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Meaning of destroy

  • verb Do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of
    The fire destroyed the house
  • verb Destroy completely; damage irreparably
    You have ruined my car by pouring sugar in the tank!, The tears ruined her make-up
  • verb Put (an animal) to death
    The customs agents destroyed the dog that was found to be rabid, the sick cat had to be put down