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  • I came on too strong because I desperately wanted to be his friend.
  • Each episode would feature a young couple desperately in need of a home of their own.
  • And yet nobody was able to give him any support when he desperately needed it.
  • It became clear that he was running desperately short of time.
  • The French fought back desperately and were able to hold their positions throughout the day.
  • She desperately attempts to make friends, though she always ends up being treated as an evil spirit.
  • It was always desperately short of money, both for initial construction and for actual operation.
  • We will find the answers our state, our nation and the world so desperately need.
  • He tries desperately to help her find her path and supports her through her pain.
  • Desperately he offered his own daughter to the knight who could bring the stone to him before the next morning.
  • I was desperately ill for most of my time in the Street.
  • He'd reached a time in his life when he desperately wanted a good home life with a good woman.
  • He falls desperately in love with her, although she does not show any emotion for him.
  • Trained regular troops were desperately needed for the war against Germany and Japan.
  • His heroes desperately try to find meaning in the world around them.
  • Still, she suffered only three men wounded, though one desperately.
  • There, she offered to give him the love he so desperately desired if he killed everything on Earth.
  • The parents desperately seek help to get their boy back.
  • She tried desperately to drive away from him, but this time, he was faster than her.
  • He tells her that he has not slept in three hundred years and wants desperately to do so.
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Synonyms of desperately

Meaning of desperately

  • adverb In intense despair
    the child clung desperately to her mother