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  • One official must be the designated representative who is usually the team manager.
  • He also learned that he had been designated as this when he was still a small child.
  • Neither language has a common term to designate either themselves or their language.
  • Many are designated using the main streets of the cities and towns through which they run.
  • Each position has a designated number to identify himself from other players.
  • A number of protected nature areas have been designated by the government of the republic.
  • The order designated these areas for public use, but were intended for Jews alone.
  • Some have even been designated to be of national importance.
  • The prime minister is designated by the party in power following legislative elections.
  • This word usually designates the person as a whole or its physical life.
  • A majority of the area had also been designated a National Historic District.
  • A # designates that the race was run in more than one division that year.
  • It is one of six languages designated a classical language of India.
  • In all cases, an attorney can be designated by the head of the bar if necessary.
  • There is typically a designated lead company commander and two support company commanders.
  • It was believed that the thought process of a person was strictly designated toward one particular social class.
  • Neither phase was designated as such at the time corresponding works were created.
  • These members are designated for one year terms.
  • He designates the former as one above the hand, the latter as one above the foot. Cited from The Delight Makers, by Adolf Bandelier
  • The law designates all information about national security and defense as secret.
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  • verb Assign a name or title to