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  • The city is descriptively named for the large rocks on a nearby river bank.
  • In this situation, we may study the units descriptively, or we may study their dynamics over time.
  • The resulting figure would more descriptively be called the "ideal-reference-device-specific performance."
  • Descriptively, the Pure Theory of Law has always been about power.
  • The planetary romance has become a significant component of current science fiction, though few writers use the term self-descriptively.
  • The feature is descriptively named from its shape.
  • The word is rarely used of oneself, but rather is applied descriptively to the behavior of other people.
  • Numerous systems exist to name specific sugars more descriptively.
  • He stamped with his heel descriptively on the hard earth floor. Cited from Rung Ho!, by Talbot Mundy
  • Many flips are descriptively named based on the direction of rotation and the body position that is assumed during execution.
  • The feature is descriptively named from the surrounding rock formations.
  • In mathematics, near sets are either spatially close or descriptively close.
  • These questions can be answered descriptively using a travel diary, often part of a travel survey or travel behavior inventory.
  • Descriptively they are the tropical or northern macadamia trees group.
  • Named descriptively from the red-colored ignimbrite rock of this feature.
  • The chestnut colour is used descriptively in the common name.
  • The feature is descriptively named from the ice cliffs bounding it to the south.
  • Two-sided Italian stitch is descriptively named, for it is alike on both sides. Cited from Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving, by Grace Christie
  • It is descriptively influenced by feelings of feminism and self-confidence of a woman involved in a relationship that is not going anywhere.
  • Descriptively speaking, split infinitives are common in most varieties of English.
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Meaning of descriptively

  • adverb By giving a description
    these topics need to be treated not just descriptively