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  • If you try to depose me, what great gods have you now got left? Cited from The Great Taboo, by Grant Allen
  • They even went so far as to take up arms, in the hope of deposing him. Cited from The Cruise of the Mary Rose, by William H. G. Kingston
  • He was deposed and his son was placed in his position.
  • Louis was only two years old when his father was deposed by his nobles.
  • Most have been deposed long before their death and others have been assassinated while in office.
  • Besides, when people start deposing rulers they don't know where to stop. Cited from Lister's Great Adventure, by Harold Bindloss
  • An act of Parliament had made him and an act of Parliament might depose him. Cited from Early European History, By Hutton Webster
  • He is clear that every such person wants to depose him. Cited from Bleak House, by Charles Dickens
  • You must assist me or depose me; there is no other way. Cited from In the World War, by Count Ottokar Czernin
  • The sailors even deposed their commander because they saw him as involved in the affair.
  • According to church law, only the Pope had the power to depose a king.
  • He thus put the idea of deposing the King into the minds of the public.
  • All three brothers fought their father, whom they deposed.
  • After he was told that his father had been deposed, he acted embarrassed towards his mother.
  • He pointed out that current and former executive have been regularly deposed by federal agencies.
  • The king had a statement read to him saying that he would be deposed if the queen ever attempted something similar again.
  • He was deposed and killed during the same year in a palace conspiracy.
  • Such are the results which man produces when his legislation deposes nature! Cited from Athens: Rise and Fall, by Lytton, Book 1
  • However, she was deposed before this could take effect.
  • The choice finally made was the daughter of the deposed king of Poland.
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Meaning of depose

  • verb Force to leave (an office)