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  • In some cases, your child might actually be subject to possible deportation.
  • And how can she give them now a better life with pending deportation?
  • An armed resistance movement of forest brothers was active until the mass deportations.
  • Despite their horror, parents had little choice but to turn over their children for deportation.
  • If this was the case, this deportation would be the only known attempt to carry this plan forward.
  • Deportations typically took place once a new piece of territory had been conquered.
  • Student leaders called for their release, while some state legislators called for their deportation.
  • He faced up to one year in federal prison and deportation.
  • Bishop Winter was issued with deportation orders, as were three members of his staff.
  • Once law and order had been returned, the ministry ordered the deportation of the priest.
  • The rest of the train station served its normal function for the rest of the city during the deportations.
  • Here he began a long legal battle against deportation.
  • According to media reports, several deportations were carried out in secret.
  • However, because large numbers were sent here in deportations, at times there were significant other ethnic groups.
  • These connections also later helped him protect his Jewish workers from deportation and death.
  • Once he arrived, he was discovered without a passport and held for deportation.
  • An armed resistance movement of 'forest brothers' was active until the mass deportations.
  • Let me say one more word about deportations. Cited from Indian speeches (1907-1909), by John Morley (AKA Viscount Morley)
  • After the deportation was completed, the town was destroyed by fire to prevent the inhabitants from returning.
  • There are no records of deportations of children or separation of parents and children either.
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  • noun The expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien