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  • There were also some cases in which soldiers killed people rather than deporting them.
  • Each four-member executive group was given the task of deporting two families.
  • As a foreign national, he would normally have been immediately deported to his home country.
  • By law she should be deported back to Ireland to stand trial.
  • They also control religious education and have the power to deport any non-Muslim.
  • Without any country to deport him to, Indian authorities let him return to France.
  • The leaders of the league and their families were either killed or arrested and deported.
  • His wife was arrested after his escape and deported, she joined him in East Germany.
  • However, he remains in London, England as efforts to deport him have failed.
  • He was arrested three times for his involvement and deported three times.
  • With the release came an immediate order to have him deported to Italy.
  • Most were captured over the coming hours and subsequently deported, but some made it out of the desert.
  • They are expected to be deported at any time, based on government conditions attached to the card.
  • They are not represented, and can be deported if they lose their jobs.
  • They can, if they wish, rob you or deport you anywhere they like. Cited from The Book of Missionary Heroes, by Basil Mathews
  • Mexicans and others either looking to cross and those recently deported crowd these the border area.
  • After most of the Jewish prisoners had been deported, several groups of political prisoners moved in.
  • It is widely believed this was the King's attempt to avoid deporting them.
  • Most of these settlers would be deported, with their villages burned behind them to prevent their return.
  • Thereafter he successfully fought further efforts by the government to deport him.
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