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  • The service network deployment over the islands took nearly one year.
  • The first three months of that deployment brought normal operations -- training and port calls.
  • However, the unit must be ready for deployment at any point.
  • During that time, she made two more deployments to the western Pacific.
  • During that period, she made four more deployments to the western Pacific.
  • These numbers change frequently due to the regular recall and deployment of units.
  • What had originally been planned as a six-month deployment ended as a thirteen-month combat tour.
  • The battle thus began before the Allies could complete their deployment.
  • By the end of the year, she had conducted four such deployments into the mid Pacific.
  • These have been developed over time, but remain a key element to effective infantry development and deployment.
  • Disagreements over what the UN force could and could not do continued throughout its deployment.
  • The regular deployments of the Cold War are now a thing of the past.
  • He has subsequently returned for nine more deployments to work as a research diver.
  • The deployment of plain-clothed female police officers for the purpose has been particularly effective.
  • This may be the largest planned nuclear power deployment in history.
  • They generally operated in and near the Gulf for parts of their normal six-month deployments.
  • These ships will instead continue to be employed across the normal range of standing Royal Navy deployments.
  • The success of the mission laid the ground work for additional deployments of National Guard units.
  • They must be prepared for tactical deployment in any location at short notice.
  • On one of his battle deployments, he was shot down, as a result of which he lost his left leg.
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  • noun The distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work