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  • In recent years, it has been depicted in films and television series.
  • These are all known as writers depicting the lives of working-class people.
  • The view depicted in the paintings has changed very little in almost two centuries.
  • Richard is often depicted as having been the favourite son of his mother.
  • Later in life, he mostly depicted women as the figures in his paintings.
  • Both of these works are considered of interest as they depict domestic scenes of their times.
  • The character has been depicted in various other media including television series and major film adaptations.
  • They were usually depicted in the form of young men.
  • The first image depicts a line on the left side of the frame.
  • The second image depicts a line on the right side of the frame.
  • While each of the animals appears to have two ears, only three ears are depicted.
  • This star is depicted as the left-most, or first, star of the flag.
  • As Louis aged, so too did the manner in which he was depicted.
  • Each depicts a monarch during whose reign a key battle or war took place.
  • Minor also made a trip and returned to create a large painting depicting how the scene might look.
  • It was the first video game to depict human-to-human combat.
  • In the image, it shows several different people, in different locations, depicted at the same time.
  • They are also often shown wearing felt caps, above which stars may be depicted.
  • None of these four characters, however, were depicted using the skill regularly.
  • Although the film depicts true events, there are a few fictional characters.
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