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  • Today a feeling of dependency still has its effects in the rural community.
  • The dependency culture destroyed any sense of having to do something for yourself.
  • Most other dependencies in English are, however, head-initial as the tree shows.
  • These dependencies carry important information about the structure of the objects in the visual scene.
  • Therefore, the dependency rate in the province is high, particularly in the rural areas.
  • This page does not list the highest points of non-European dependencies of European states.
  • These instruments have created greater dependencies between the domestic and international financial markets.
  • One of the reasons for this was the financial dependency of the public company.
  • These dependencies were directly involved in the Pacific campaign of the war.
  • Such a text can be divided up into various dependencies.
  • This is a list of countries and dependencies with a permanent population that have no legal political parties.
  • His chemical-dependency problems would sometimes drain him of his energy on the road.
  • Currently not all of the required dependencies have been released.
  • Although oil production has increased, America's dependency on foreign oil has decreased.
  • He also turned a number of states in the archipelago into his imperial dependencies.
  • More food can be grown, reducing dependency on other countries for food.
  • Still, measures were taken to reduce Japanese dependency on oil as energy source.
  • Instructions can be grouped together only if there is no data dependency between them.
  • They called for an end of Japan's dependency on nuclear power.
  • Rail travel also requires less weather dependency than air travel.
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