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  • She departs his company, tears on her face but finally understanding why he is who he is.
  • Because when other nations rule over her the voice departs from her and she becomes dumb.
  • He comes to the first day of school, but departs just as everyone else in his family does.
  • The more a fire departs from normal pattern, the higher is its condition class.
  • Again being offered a ride and turning it down, the car departs.
  • His position is like a permit by which he departs from the world and men.
  • He then departs to confront the past he abandoned three years before.
  • He then departs leaving Tiger-Man to sleep through to the next day.
  • A material has a rest shape and its shape departs away from the rest shape due to stress.
  • Green is elevated to main cast for the third season, and departs from the series in season four.
  • Tom departs for Africa, where he is killed during a time of political unrest.
  • When she departs for their home time, she says something that Fitzgerald does not quite catch.
  • They soon start a brief relationship, after which Jimmy returns to his ship and departs.
  • Ordinarily, when one's body is killed, the soul departs for the next world.
  • Then the train departs for the switch past It's a small world.
  • Francey tells Peter she will leave him unless he can change his father's mind before her train departs.
  • The ship departs and the two young lovers stay on the island, and have their baby girl.
  • Socrates departs for whatever business he claimed he had when he wanted to end the dialogue earlier.
  • She falls in love with him and begs him to stay with her, but he departs.
  • He gives her the access to escape and departs.
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Root form of departs is depart for the verb.

Meaning of departs

  • verb Leave
    The family took off for Florida
  • verb Go away or leave