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  • People who have died are referred to as having passed away or passed or departed.
  • The character departed in that same episode, but left an opportunity for a return if needed.
  • His design won but was somewhat departed from during actual construction.
  • When he departed Ireland, they occupied most of the eastern and northern parts of the country.
  • While departing his home, he was met by a woman calling to see his wife.
  • The poet tells himself he should now depart from life, which has nothing left to offer.
  • The country end is the opposite end, where trains to the country depart.
  • They board the train and depart before the body is discovered.
  • Upon departing, most items issued to them during their time in the program must be returned.
  • The National Guard units departed and new units came in for training.
  • I beg she will not depart until I am ready to go out.
  • They departed in a train to Vienna and nothing was ever heard of them again.
  • Fisher, who produced the album, departed the band soon after its release.
  • On peak days in the summer months, two trains depart each end of the line per hour.
  • Within weeks his fleet departed, having made no attempt to form a settlement, due to lack of supplies.
  • Also their ship is now ready for launch, and they can depart the planet.
  • The Spaniards did not understand, and having found no gold, they soon departed.
  • Lotterby produced and directed one additional series before departing again the same year.
  • A red-eye flight is any flight departing late at night and arriving early the next morning.
  • The following February, the last Chinese forces departed from the country.
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Root form of departed is depart for the verb.

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Meaning of departed

  • verb Leave
    The family took off for Florida
  • verb Go away or leave