densely hairy

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  • They are usually red and densely hairy with slender legs, sometimes very long.
  • The body is densely hairy and there is one pair of eyes.
  • The upper and under leaf surfaces are densely hairy when young and become smooth.
  • Most of the densely hairy leaves are clustered around the base of the plant.
  • The small leaves (about 10mm long) are simple and green above but densely hairy and grey below.
  • In most species, leaves range from slightly hairy to smooth on top and densely hairy to smooth beneath.
  • Typically, it has a small, distinctive depression in the centre, while the whole cap is densely hairy and dry.
  • The densely hairy eyes are nearest at the middle of the face.
  • It has mostly basal leaves several centimeters long which may be densely hairy to nearly hairless.
  • The lance-shaped leaves are just a few millimeters long, green to red in color, and densely hairy.
  • Peaking in the summer months, the pinkish-brown new growth is densely hairy.
  • The fruit is a densely hairy red aggregate less than a centimeter wide.
  • The leaves are densely hairy (pubescent) below, and turn red in autumn before falling.
  • Stamens are more densely hairy near the base than near the anthers.
  • Leaves are up to 6 cm long, densely hairy on both sides.
  • It is densely hairy, becoming gray-green in color.
  • The male of this spider is easily distinguished from congeners by its densely hairy first and second pair of legs.
  • They are densely hairy at first but soon become hairless.
  • They are brown, densely hairy and very mobile.
  • The pronotum is broad and both it and the head are densely hairy.
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