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  • They were passing through one of the densest parts of the great forest. Cited from The Kentucky Ranger, by Edward T. Curnick
  • According to the ideal gas law, CO is therefore less dense than air.
  • It was named from the dense forest once covering the town site.
  • Neither side saw each other due to the dense fog caused by the earlier rain.
  • This area is quickly becoming one of the city's densest and most active mixed use areas.
  • It occurs in wooded country with large areas of open ground rather than dense forest.
  • The water observed is quickly produced in this warm dense gas.
  • They suggest a more complex and dense community than researchers had known lived in the area.
  • Germany possesses one of the most dense road systems of the world.
  • This lack of space causes demand for dense, high-rise offices and housing.
  • Into the densest portion of the woods he made his way. Cited from Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, by Saxton Pope
  • Much of the city has dense tree-cover and plenty of green spaces.
  • It was not long before he found himself in the densest kind of timber. Cited from The Outdoor Chums, by Captain Quincy Allen
  • They form the densest part of the large-scale structure of the Universe.
  • The plan for the area included a dense central downtown area and less dense development surrounding it.
  • The increased molecular weight does make the water slightly more dense.
  • The city and the metropolitan area has a dense transport network.
  • These free men were deeded of land in the heart of a dense forest.
  • The more modern areas of the city have many high-rise buildings, which together form a very dense skyline.
  • In the dense areas, most of the concentration is via medium- and high-rise buildings.
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